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The Simple Rule That Will Help You Conquer Your To-Do List

Do you feel like your never-ending To-Do list just keeps getting longer? We have all felt overwhelmed by the tasks at hand as we wonder if we will ever be able to get everything done! One piece of advice helped me stop procrastinating and conquer my long list of tasks to complete. The rule is simple: if you can complete a task in one minute or less, do it immediately!

Created by author, blogger, and speaker, Gretchen Rubin, the one-minute rule is designed to help people stop procrastinating and increase their productivity. In addition, this easy rule will quickly become a habit that will decrease the feelings of stress and anxiety that are often associated with being overwhelmed.

While straightforward and seemingly effortless, this rule is extremely effective. Since implementing this rule into my own life, I have not only seen my To-Do list shorten, but my stress levels have decreased tremendously. Immediately checking off simple tasks such as responding to an email, taking out the trash, or washing a dirty dish has made my list of tasks to complete seem much less daunting. One of my favorite things about keeping a written list of things I need to do is crossing them out when they are completed. I realized how small tasks can really add up, so simplifying small tasks with the one-minute rule and increasing the frequency at which I complete small tasks allows me to focus my time and energy on the more consuming tasks on my To-Do list. With increasingly busy and demanding schedules, it is common to feel anxious or overwhelmed by the tasks we must complete. Take control of your time and productivity by committing yourself to this simple and life changing one-minute rule!

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