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Adding Wellness to your Space

Hello all! It’s Elise again!

As exams are coming up and the stress level is rising, I wanted to briefly talk about creating healthy and positive environments for yourself.

Most of us have to share living spaces with at least one other person so it is very important to make sure you have good communication between your roommates. Passive aggressive notes or getting loud and angry are not ideal ways to express your frustration. Try approaching them with firm yet respectful statements of the things that are bothering you. Not only will this clear the air, you will find that things will be much more likely to change.

Keeping your place tidy is a great way to maintain a healthy environment. Whether you’re naturally neat or naturally very messy, it is always good to have a slotted time of the week for cleaning. Put away those clothes on the ground, clean those dishes and vacuum the floor. It is said that a clean room equals a clean mind. When your possessions are all over the place, you may not realize it but this does indeed create more stress.

A few other tips for having a good environment are all about personalization. Put pictures up of fun times with loved ones. Hang up posters of beautiful places you have been or want to go to. Make the colors your favorite and have little plants to bring some life to the space. Have lots of natural light come through the windows.

By having good communication between your roommates, keeping your place tidy and personalizing your space, you will find that you enjoy spending time in your home because it belongs to you and is healthy.

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