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Getting Involved on Campus - Social Wellness

Hi everyone, it’s Palmer! This week, we’ll be focusing on the social dimension of wellness. Forming healthy and meaningful relationships is an important part of life during and after college.

One of the most difficult challenges when starting college is learning how to prioritize your time. Students, especially within the Honors College, tend to put focus primarily on academics and neglect other aspects of their wellness. It’s salient for a holistic college experience to apply yourself to things outside of the classroom. Sometimes, putting yourself first is the healthy thing to do, and joining clubs and activities is a great way to do so. And, yeah, it can be intimidating. It’s hard to put yourself out there and try new things. But, it’s also so rewarding and fun. Below are a few tips to help you find clubs and activities that will augment your Clemson experience.

  1. Look for clubs similar to those from your high school. When I got to Clemson I was so excited to join the quiz bowl team. Academic team was my favorite club in high school, and being a part of something I was familiar with made me more comfortable in the first few months of college.

  2. See what your friends are doing. Ask your friends what clubs they’re in. It’s hard to know everything going on at Clemson, and already knowing someone in the club makes it easier to go for the first time.

  3. Read your email! Yes, I know, emails aren’t fun and the Honors College sends out a lot of them. But you never know what might be waiting for you in your unread messages. A lot of the clubs I’m in have come from applications sent out via email, including Wellness Ambassadors!

These are just a few tips to help you get involved. College is some of the most fun years of your life - make the most of it! Put yourself out there and have fun!

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