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Emotional Wellness - Ways to Decrease Stress

Hi everyone! It’s Elise again! We’re getting to the part in the semester where the tests are beginning and the homework is increasing. With the increasing workload, comes increasing stress. It is very important to know how to manage your stress in order to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle since stress is incredibly hard on your body and mental state. Here are a few tips on how to keep your stress under control:

  • Healthy lifestyle:

  • Exercise – try for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week

  • Eat right – get those fruits and vegetables into the diet

  • Get enough sleep – 8-10hours a night

  • Have a support group:

  • Try not to bottle all of your stress up – having someone to talk to can relieve a lot of your stress; wellness ambassadors have drop-in hours every day if you have questions or need to vent!

  • CAPS provides professional counseling if you need someone trained to talk to

  • Get academic help early:

  • The Academic Success Center offers tutoring for many classes

  • Get to know your professor at office hours

  • Set a study schedule for your classes

  • Keep an agenda/calendar for due dates

  • DO NOT PROCRASTINATE – trust me, it only adds more stress

  • Do relaxing activities:

  • Yoga – it’s great for increasing flexibility and balance while also decreasing stress

  • Meditation – learn a few calming breathing techniques

  • Sit outside – whether it be just for a few minutes or a few hours, sit outside and appreciate the world around you – environmental wellness is closely related to emotional wellness

  • Music/art – listen to soothing music and/or invest time in an art project; coloring books can be a great outlet for stress!

  • Maintain a relaxing environment:

  • Keeping your room neat can make you feel more organized and in control

  • Surround yourself with things you love

  • Have a couple plants to take care of – succulents are low-maintenance and can always brighten your day!

  • Take time for yourself:

  • Always remember to make some time for yourself and do something you enjoy!

College and life in general is stressful. Learning to manage your stress will not only help you make better grades and keep your body healthy, your entire quality of life will increase. Feel free to stop by our office hours if you want more tips on how to decrease stress!

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