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Wellness Wednesday-Environmental Wellness

Welcome back to the Wellness Wednesday Blog! As both Earth Day and Arbor Day are right around the corner, we thought we would take a moment to talk about environmental wellness. According to the Substance and Mental Health Services Administration, environmental wellness involves promoting your health by creating an environment that is stimulating and pleasant. Here at Clemson, there are so many ways that we can create an environment that is calming and enjoyable both for yourself and the community as a whole. So here are some ideas on how to get out there and work on your environmental wellness! Feel free to try a few and share your experiences with a friend or a Wellness Ambassador!

1. Go on a hike and get outside. We are situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Take advantage of the natural environment around you and give yourself a break from the monotony of campus life! The Clemson experimental forest is a quick drive and has a bunch of nice trails around the lake and local dam. We also have a wealth of great waterfalls in the area! There is a great app called the Oconee Waterfall app that is full of information about all the great local waterfalls, directions to the trail heads, difficulty, and duration of the hikes.

2. Try the public transportation. There are a lot of alternative transportation options available that can help improve our communal environment by reducing air pollution and traffic around Clemson! Whether you are on or off campus, the Clemson bus system is a really great way to get around in lieu of using your car. Parking and transportation services also offers a new carpool option. My roommates and I recently took advantage of the carpool pass this year. We got our pass for FREE because we had three people in our carpool. You get to park really close on campus, and it’s a great opportunity for us to keep up with one another and jam in the car on the way to class! Plus the bus is always there if you need to catch a ride to or from campus earlier/later than you planned!

3. Eat Local. A great way to promote your own individual health and your local community is to eat local. Not only will you be getting fresher and more nutritional foods, but you can encourage your local farmers and businesses along the way! There is a great produce stand at 190 New Hope Rd in Clemson called Kathy’s Produce that has fresh vegetables, fruit, and local honey! There are also several farmer’s markets in the area that operate from May through September that also provide fresh local produce such as the Clemson Farmers’ Market at Patrick Square and the Pendleton Farmers’ Market.

Sometimes it is easy to think of environmental wellness as only recycling our grocery bags and using refillable water bottles, but there are many unique opportunities to incorporate environmental wellness into your routine! Our environment can influence our mood, behaviors, and motivations, but luckily the interaction is not just one way! We have the power to influence our environment and create a more inviting, encouraging, and sustainable place for each of us individually and as a community!

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