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Wellness Wednesday- Spiritual Wellness

Hey everyone, Neha here! Before joining Wellness Ambassadors, I never realized that spiritual wellness was one of the most crucial dimensions of wellness that we need to work on as hardworking (and let’s be real, stressed out) college students. Spiritual wellness is defined as simply, the values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives!

Aside from religious practices, spiritual wellness is simply being at peace and one with your body and mind. We need to center ourselves in order to figure out why we do what we are doing, what we are working towards, and most importantly, what makes our lives meaningful.

How can we do this? It seems overwhelming to think about, but there are small steps you can take in our day in order to be more mindful of your spiritual wellness. For me personally, it is asking myself a series of mental questions throughout the day:

· Do I make time for relaxation in my day?

· Do make time for meditation/mindfulness?

· Are my values guiding my decisions and actions?

Simply said, spiritual wellness can be achieved by just listening to yourself, your body, and your mind – and carving out some time for yourself in your day to do what makes you happy and focused! And in the last month of the semester, when exams and projects begin to take over our lives, remember to be kind to yourselves. <3

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