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Workin' on My (Intellectual) Fitness

Happy Wellness Wednesday Everyone!

Jon here! Today I’m going to give you all tips to maintain intellectual wellness!

Just a piece for those who don’t already know: someone who is intellectually well is curious and interested in the world around them. They “flex” their brain weekly or daily, challenging themselves to learn new things, train their minds, and broaden their perspectives.

Now what does this look like?

  • Read/watch/listen to the news daily

  • Practice civil debate on a controversial topic with friends/peers

  • Learn a foreign language

  • Listen to a podcast on a topic you are unfamiliar (There are SO many podcasts out there)

  • Join and participate in an activist group

  • Play Sudoku or crosswords daily/weekly

  • Learn how to knit/sew

  • Travel

  • Learn a new recipe

  • Explore your genealogy

  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter and talk and engage with the people there

  • Draw/paint/create

  • Learn to play an instrument

Just like with physical wellness and all other dimensions of wellness, maintaining your intellectual wellness takes effort. It is important to actively grow your self and your mind. You’ll find it fun to explore your capabilities. In addition, many of the listed activities that incorporate learning a new hobby can link you into new communities of people with shared interests. From there, you can find opportunities to meet new friends and continue learn from others. Even if you’d rather just learn new things on your own, you’re sure to feel more engaged with the world around you.

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